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Very fast service

Fast service and expectational handling. The pudding was heavenly!

Jamaica flour

I got the product but haven't use it yet. But fewr down when I do I will let u knw. But the cookies were great! Love them. Thank you.

Bulla Cake Captain’s Bakery

Very fresh as always!!!

Not fresh

None of the items in the package was fresh. All stale. First time and I won’t be ordering again

One word terrible!!!

I initially reached out letting them know how disappointed i was out after having two out of the 10 I received, however they responded which i appreciate, was waiting to get back via email after knowing what the other 8 tasted like, to my surprised all 10 was stale, unfortunately I had to throw them out.

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vinnette folkes

Bun and cheese was delicious!!


Always a pleasure ordering this, feels like I’m back home

Really good

These were great, tasted like how the prestige donuts use to taste. Will definitely order more


Took 16 days to get here which is quick considering the location I'm very happy with my order will be ordering again thankyou

cheap and clean pudding

the products taste good and is moist afte a week.the first time eating her is too small for the price.I was surprised

Chocolate Strip

Excellent taste and was very much still fresh and soft when I received them

Captain’s Bakery Bulla

Tasty but a bit more ginger wouldn’t go amiss. Still fresh on arrival

Pudding was really nice.

The potato pudding was delicious.

Donna Gowe Sweet Potato Pudding (1 LB) with FREE Express Shipping

Priority Processing
Sharifa Encarnacion
Aunty Donna cheap and clean pudding

The puddings were so good I enjoy them


Good customer service very quick shipping. Love aunty donna puddings

Prestige Donuts - 2 Boxes - with FREE Express Shipping
Dwayne Stephens

Satisfying and awesome

Prestige Donuts - 2 Boxes - with FREE Express Shipping
Shan Ragh
Prestige Donuts

They were delicious, I enjoyed them.

Ting is King

My wife discovered Ting in St. Lucia and really liked it.
So I got online and found that you have it available. She likes the grapefruit flavour and was surprised to see it arrive in the post.

Pudding 5, Packaging 3

Pudding was delicious. I wish for a better packaging because the container lids were damaged and the sauce was everywhere and customs didn’t help because the packages seemed as if one was opened and one of the bonus snacks was completely opened and I had to discard it. Please use cling wrap along with bubble wrap in the future to better secure the items, thank you!

The best way to get a Package quickly.

Using Priority Processing my package was delivered within 4 to 5 days.

Pleasantly impressed

I was very happy with my snacks overall. It was just what I needed. My favorite part was the police button! My curls were unfortunately stale and inedible but everything else was good.

Red Ballers
Dan Pottinger


It is the best syrup.

Anchor Syrup has been around for 60 to 70 years. It is the best Syrup, the taste has not change. There is no after taste. A new flavour I tasted last year is the Strawberry Pineapple. These flavours are so refreshing. I wish I could get them in Canada.