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JCP Journey #3: Rory packs the 1st Package!

So after getting the first order from Michelle, JCP quickly became real! I wasn't so sure what I was doing, but I had to do it!

For the first full year, we sent care packages entirely in shoeboxes. 😳

JCP Journey #2 : The Blog & The First Order

Having learned from my previous business ventures, I decided against wasting time trying to get up the perfect website. So I just added a page to my blog with a PayPal link. I think it was a Monday, so I had a special sale to purchase until Friday. I remember going to bed that night, expecting to wake up at least 10 orders! 🤭

JCP Journey : Part 1 - "An Email & Facebook Messages"

JCP Journey : Part 1 - "An Email & Facebook Messages"
I did the interview above last week where I recapped the JCP Journey and it so much fun to look back. So I decided to create the JCP Journey Series, where each week I'll recap where this all started and how we got to where we are today.