JCP Student

We are introducing "JCP Monthly - Student", which is a care package delivered each and every month filled with Jamaican goodies to provide that reminder of home as you study abroad.

Items will be specially curated by our team and will include past and present treats. eg.) Chippies, Milo, Coffee, Ti-gaz, Spice Bun.. the list goes on and on. Each package will be curated for that month and time of year.

"JCP Monthly - Student”

Subscriptions by July 1st, 2016. - US $24/month (including shipping to the US).

Subscriptions after July 2nd, 2016. - US $26/month (including shipping to the US).

Subscribe here: Click HERE to get your first package

We will update addresses with room numbers before shipping in August. So if you don't have at the moment that won’t be an issue, you may still subscribe now.

(The first package will be shipped in August 2016, so if subscribed before July 1st, you won't be charge until August 2016)