Ja Monthly - Special

JA Care Monthly is the quickest and easiest way to get your Jamaican goodies delivered to you. For flat monthly rate we will send a care package each and every month.

This JA Care Monthly Care Package will contain a mixture of our Snacks, Chippies, Pepper shrimp + St. Mary Banana Chips and Rum Cake/Tigaz package.

Since we know would be sending you a Care Package each month, we can give you even fresher products, as we better align for shipping right after we purchase the goods from the factory. 

You would only fill out the order form once and you would be able to cancel anytime. No questions asked.

United States - $19/month for the first 2 months then $26/month (including shipping) (down from $29 per package)

Order: http://bitly.com/jcp-special