JCP Journey #2 : The Blog & The First Order

If you missed Part 1, read it here.

The Blog

Aug 2014

So after sending over 50 Facebook and Instagram messages to my friends and family abroad. Around 20 persons said they would be interested in purchasing. 

Having learned from my previous business ventures, I decided against wasting time trying to get up the perfect website. So I just added a page to my blog with a PayPal link. I think it was a Monday, so I had a special sale to purchase until Friday. I remember going to bed that night, expecting to wake up at least 10 orders! 🤭

Hahaha, for the next couple of days, we had ZERO orders! I was crushed and started to lose hope 😞

The First Order

Then I got an email notification, on August 20, 2014 (almost 7 years ago) that we got our first-ever Jamaican Care Packages order!  From Michelle, we went to prep school together and I haven't spoken to her in ages. 

Upcoming Part 3 - Rory's Packs the 1st Package!

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