How to get a care package from Jamaica?

How to get a care package from Jamaica?

This is the question that I get asked the most whenever I travel to USA or Canada. Well here are 4 simple steps to getting your Jamaican Care Package delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Step 1:

Create a list of the Jamaican snacks you miss the most. Is that Chippies, Spice Bun or Tigaz, whatever you miss the most and want to eat today to get a taste of Jamaica. Get your list ready.

Step 2:

Visit the Jamaican Care Packages website - 

Next is knowing how the website works:
JCP has two options: JCPMart and JCPTings

  • JCPMart the most authentic Jamaican items directly from Jamaica. Delivered in 2-3 weeks.
  • JCPTings your favorite Jamaican souvenirs and memorabilia.

Step 3:

Add all the items you want to your cart, double check to list to ensure you get everything you and your family wants. Unless you want to eat off your snacks :)

Step 4:

Go to checkout, you can safely pay for any and all products on our website using any credit or debit card of your choice. Remember to enter your full and complete address, don't forget your apartment number, that's very important.

Step 5: (Bonus)

Open your Jamaican Care Package smile, enjoy, eat and reminisce about the good ole days back home. 

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