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Spice Bun - Bundle of 3

Add a Spice Bun (Bundle of 3) to your Care Package.

Spice Bun - 3

NB: All images used are for illustrative purposes only. The quantity sent will be according to the description and not image used. Props (Keyring, mugs etc. are not included).

 Spice Buns, Buns

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Bria Grant
Would try again

Some of the items were near expiration and many others were stale. All the tiggaz were stale. The bun was a week or two from expiring. One of the milo cookies were open. I think (I hope) if o try newer items they would be fresher. I did record a review but decided against posting it for the aforementioned reasons. Hoping for a better experience next time - should there be a next time

Sefton Reynolds
Taste great

I enjoy it a whole lot

Jae Johnson

Spice Bun - Bundle of 3

Kerri Ann
Spice Bun yum

I haven’t had these in a so long I almost forgot what they taste like until I took a bite and memories of eating bun and cheese at school for lunch with a box juice came back to me. Yummy thank you.

Natalie Thomas
He was very happy and I was too

Package arrived way ahead of schedule and he was very surprised and very happy. Unfortunately he did not record himself opening the box. I definitely will be ordering again and 100% recommend this company.